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Geneva Airport confirms the results of our AI Automated Passenger Prediction Model

In a noteworthy achievement, a cutting-edge machine learning model designed to predict passenger flow at airport security checkpoints has received validation from Geneva Airport. Developed to navigate the fluctuating travel landscape, especially in the pandemic’s wake, this model showcases unprecedented accuracy in forecasting passenger traffic. Initially trained using supervised learning with data affected by the COVID-19 era, the model later honed its predictions through unsupervised learning, drawing from both pre and post-pandemic historical data. Geneva Airport confirmed that the results from this

1st prize of the ValenciaPort hackathon with Smart slot booking for trucks

The Port of Valencia organised an online hackathon in partnership with Bemyapp from the 20th to the 27th of November 2020 to look for innovative concepts to optimize its logistics. The Iabsis team chose the challenge “Optimization of Road Transport Operations” and performed machine learning on a 600k entries data set and, with the precious support of the Cosco mentors, managed to find optimization of more than 20% combining smart estimation of ETA and double operations so that trucks don’t

Covid Héros

Pending the restart of small businesses, we have launched a platform to support the self-employed and small commercial structures, seriously affected by the current crisis. Covid Héros offers a simplified registration procedure: upon filling out a form and providing proof of registration in the Commercial Register. The donations are then transferred directly to the beneficiaries, without any commission. This initiative is performed with the support of the Département du développement économique (DDE)Département du développement économique (DDE), CCIG – Chambre de commerce,

Athanasios Kyritsis attended the ai4i 2019 conference

Last week, our research partner team presented our project QueueForMe at the prestigious ai4i 2019 conference in Laguna Hills, CA, United States. This is the second edition of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Industries. He presented his paper entitled “A Machine Learning Approach to Waiting Time Prediction in Queueing Scenarios”. He had the opportunity to discuss the research and development done during the QueueForMe project. Learn more about QueueForMe Read Athanasios Kyritsis’ paper The ai4i conference

Public Choice Award at Hospital of Sion Hackathon

We won the price of public choice with our HealthAdvisor web application during the Hackathon 5 at Hospital of Sion. It allows the doctor to prepare the patient care pathway at home, the patient can choose to coordinate their own care partners through a controlled process.

Top 7 of Porsche NEXT OI competition

Feels great to be selected as one of the top 7 finalists of Porsche NEXT OI competition. Looking forward to the Awards Ceremony at the Berlin Formula E Grand Prix (upcoming Saturday, 19 May). See more here: Thanks to all the team members who worked hard to land us to the finals