The technologies we use are chosen based on their price/quality efficiency and we support all kind of enterprise solutions as long as they make sense for our clients. Yet most of the innovative products we use are Open Source.

Why Open Source?

  • Security: you can audit how your data is stored and make sure the encryption or other security measures your supplier guarantees are effectively performed.
  • Confidentiality: No licence is asking you to share any data with anyone else.You can host everything on your own servers if you wish, no data needs to be shared on the cloud if you don’t want to.
  • Taking back control over your data: your supplier cannot keep your data in a proprietary format he will not share with you. You can claim back your data anytime in a readable format.
  • Progress: you go faster when everyone shares their knowledge. This is why why IBM, Oracle, Google, and others are creating more and more open source projects.
  • Control your budget: No annual fees other than support.
  • Sustainability: you can easily find a new expert to continue on your project if you wish to change.

Some of our main products

  • Redhat & Debian (OS)
  • Odoo (ERP)
  • Nagios & Icinga2 (monitoring tools)
  • Apache, Ngninx, MariaDB, Php, Node & Django (web server tools)
  • KVM WebVirtMgr (Virtualisation)
  • Live Deployement (Debian Live based)
  • Moodle (e-learning)
  • Nextcloud (dropbox equivalent)
  • (chatbot)

FAQ: What is open source?

If Open Source sounds complicated, just imagine we are a restaurant. We charge for our cooking like everyone else, the difference is that we are committed to share our recipes with you and with others in order for this recipe to be improved. But at only one condition: they need share it too! Rest assured that Open Source means only sharing the recipe and not the actual meal.

This doesn’t mean we cook for free but it rather implies that we produce high quality work because you can challenge us on any part of the recipe at any point in time.

Furthermore, as everyone has the recipe you will only need us when a specialist is needed as that’s what we sell: Our know-how.