Web apps

Web applications are powerful working tools, replacing most desktop applications and permitting to work from anywhere with ease.

Your business would need custom web applications in many different situations:

  • A tool for your clients to book, buy or compare services
  • A tool for your employees to handle a part of your ERP you need to have handled in a tailor made way.
  • An analytical tool for your managers to monitor and input their budget for review.

The possibilities are endless and are often combined to be integrated with other other tools.

Mobile apps

There is no more doubt: The world has gone mobile. While web applications can be a good fit for many use cases, some use cases need more reactive and convenient usability than a regular web application.

When to choose a mobile app over or combined with a web app?

  • Users need to connect several times daily and in an efficient way
  • They need to upload voice or video in a simple manner
  • Push notifications to users


Most companies use several tools with several databases for their business. They will also need their tools tools to communicate with each other. In the best scenario, they will be able to use APIs in a standard way in order to feed their different systems.

This approach of enterprise application integration (EAI) approach can also be performed in complex environment and without APIs but is assuming that the data transformation and availability are present.

However, when there’s reconciliation, cross matching, de-duping, data unavailability at certain times and cleansing to be performed, classical EAI will leave place to a middleware performing extracting, transforming, loading actions (ETL) in order to deliver the data in the right format.

While traditional the traditional EAI tools has won over ETL with performance, high availability ETL products such as apache kafka are now permitting very competitive performance with features such as data streaming.

Here are a few examples on which middlewares can make your life easier:

  • Connecting your HR, CRM and your accounting system
  • Automating the creation of new employees in all different department tools when they are entered into your HR system
  • Consolidating website activity tracking and log aggregation with CRM data to discover your client’s buying behaviour


  • PHP (Symfony, Laravel, Prestashop, CodeIgniter, OpenCart, WordPress & Drupal), python, .NET, Java, Node.js, Angular & React.js (programming languages & frameworks)
  • MySql, MariaDB, MongoDB & Oracle (Databases)
  •  Ionic 2/3 for hybrid mobile apps on Android, IOS & Windows phones.