Mercedes gave us the unique opportunity to present our solution, Safe Drive, at their booth as part of the renowned Lisbon Web Summit.

While it has been hard standing out on the day with a celebrity line-up including musician Wyclef Jean and politician Al Gore, star YouTuber Jenna Marble and big tech companies like Amazon Web Services, MIT and Mozilla Firefox, it has still been great fun and a great honour to pitch at this massive technological gathering of over 55’000 tech enthusiasts.

Introduced by Pascal Spicker from the Mercedes Team we learned the Mercedes Digital Challenge we won had attracted over 2’200 registrants from 98 countries, with a total of 500 projects submitted!

Narrating our journey from its very start from ideation, to the first layouts followed by the first of our Android prototype and finally to the onboarding of our voice automation VOIP partner, Choobs Ltd, for the integration of a voicebot in order to develop a universal emergency alerting service that could become tomorrow’s safety standard to keep the roads safer.