Sezame Wallet

A web3 wallet created to store securely your crypto currencies on your mobile device

Work done on this project

  1. Seamless User Experience (UX) Design: We prioritized user-centric design principles to create an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, ensuring a delightful experience for every user.
  2. Open Source Mobile Application: Our team developed a cutting-edge open source mobile application, crafted to operate flawlessly on both Android and iOS platforms, providing maximum accessibility to users worldwide.
  3. Multi-Blockchain Integration: Sezame Wallet seamlessly integrates with various blockchains, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Aventus, Alephium, and more, enabling users to manage multiple cryptocurrencies from a single, secure platform.
  4. Aventus Network Staking: We successfully implemented staking capabilities for the Aventus network, empowering users to participate in the network and earn rewards through staking.
  5. Pioneering Alephium Blockchain Support: As an early adopter of Alephium blockchain, Sezame Wallet was among the first providers to support cloud minting for the new Alephium blockchain. As the community organically grew, we adapted to the evolving landscape and made strategic decisions to enhance user experience.


  1. React Native: Our mobile application is built using React Native, an industry-leading framework that ensures cross-platform compatibility and a responsive user interface.
  2. Multi-Blockchain Integration: By incorporating Ethereum, Bitcoin, Aventus, Alephium, and other blockchain technologies, we offer users the flexibility to manage a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrencies.
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