Queue for me – Efficient Queue Management Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Queue for Me, a revolutionary application that optimizes queue management through AI-powered time estimation.

Work done on this project

  1. Python API for Artificial Intelligence: We developed a robust Python API, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to accurately estimate waiting times for queues. This innovative solution ensures efficient queue management for businesses and enhanced user experiences for customers.
  2. Admin Back-End for Queue Management: Our team created a user-friendly back-end admin panel, empowering administrators to efficiently manage queues and customize parameters as per their specific requirements. With intuitive controls, businesses can streamline their operations and deliver exceptional service.
  3. QR Code-Based Queue Registration: Queue for Me incorporates a seamless QR code scanning feature for queue registration. This enables users to join queues effortlessly and eliminates the need for manual input, saving time and enhancing convenience.


  1. Angular 8: The application’s front-end is developed using Angular 8, a modern and powerful framework that ensures a dynamic and responsive user interface.
  2. Django (REST API): For the back-end infrastructure, we utilized Django with REST API architecture. This combination enables seamless communication between different components of the application, facilitating smooth data flow.
  3. TensorFlow (Artificial Intelligence): To achieve precise time estimations for queues, we integrated TensorFlow, a leading AI framework known for its deep learning capabilities. This integration enables Queue for Me to continuously improve its predictions based on real-time data.