Find hereafter some examples of our work

Extranet easyJet switzerland

Design and development of the easyJet Switzerland intranet

Work done on this website

  • User interface design
  • Crews primes generation depending on their planning
  • User management system (new contracts, updates and leavers)
  • Queue statistics module to show a graph which represent checkin queue time
  • APIs development to help communicate with many external applications with oracle and Microsoft SQL
  • Support ticket module to assist employees who have technical issues
  • Holidays management system
  • And much more ...

Used technologies

  • PHP / Symfony
  • FPDF / PDFLib / PHPExcel
  • Mysql / Oracle / MsSql
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • Ajax
  • APIs encrypted with Rijndael and PGP
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On board electronic document

Electronic documentation system integration for easyJet company, based on Airbus software

Work done on this project

  • Installation & security configuration of Windows based systems
  • Use of an alternative shell to personalize the user interface
  • Restore system development & integration to install system images
  • Diffential update system implementation.
  • Testing process, approuvement and deployement for Europe bases implementation.
  • Documentation creation certified by the "Office Fédérale de l'Aviation Civile".
  • File transfert system optimised and differencial used to deploy the file system images

Used technologies

  • Microsoft Windows 7 profesional systems
  • Alternative Shell with Litestep
  • VBS scripts
  • Rsync
  • GNU/Linux Debian systems
  • Farchiver
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Install a complete company network

Install a full network : Server (Linux), Workstations (Windows), domain, ...

Work done on this website

  • Install a server with daily backup.
  • Install a master PC based on Windows 7 Professional.
  • Computers replication and domain implentation
  • Customization per user
  • Best practice in terms of security and remote access implementation
  • Complete user documentation writing

Used technologies

  • Microsoft Windows 7 professional for the workstations.
  • GNU/Linux Debian system for the server
  • Network integration of the Sage Apibat application
  • Rsnapshot backup system integration
  • Centralized accounts by using an OpenLDAP directory
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Fortasse venturis

A blog to help you feel good in your body.

Work done on this website

  • Personalized Photoshop mockup.
  • CSS3 / HTML5 template creation
  • Animated home page creation
  • Added some animation effects as requested by the customer
  • Installation and configuration of the wordpress CMS.
  • Pre configuration of all the pages and blog sections as imagined by the customer

Used technologies

  • HTML5.
  • CSS3.
  • Javascript / jQuery.
  • Wordpress.
Aperçu de fortasse venturis